Kirsty Andrews - Kasey's Mum

I had been attending Claire's Pole Fitness for a few months and was really enjoying my lessons. Then my teenage daughter expressed an interest. After much thought and discussion Claire and I agreed to let her come along and within a few weeks it became clear she had a real talent. She was shy and had little confidence socially, we didn't do much together but with encouragement from Claire she started to come out of her shell. She advanced amazingly and has excelled in all aspects of pole fitness, she also learns aerial hoop and again has a natural talent. I've watched my child go from a quiet, unconfident girl to an outgoing bubbly confident young lady. I am so proud of what she's achieved and watching her both in classes and in all aspects of her life makes me so grateful to Claire for encouraging her to become the beautiful performer she has. CPF has not only given my child a new lease on life but has given us something we can do together and our bond has become even stronger. None of it would be possible without Claire as a teacher.


Jade Stockton

I joined Claire's Pole Fitness back at the start of this year as I have wanted to do it for a while. From the first lesson I loved it, there is such a fun environment and the instructors are so supportive in helping you learn the moves the right way. Since attending Claire's classes, I have developed a passion for pole fitness and I have so much more confidence in myself which I lacked in before. Going to CPF on a Wednesday is the highlight of my week and every new move accomplished is such an amazing feeling! My confidence and strength are higher than they have ever been, I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a fun, alternative way to get fit with a great group of ladies.

Kerry Frogley

After plucking up the courage and joining Claires Pole fitness on my own, I am so glad I did! I joined in October 2014 and have enjoyed every second of it. Claire and the whole team of instructors gave me the confidence to believe in my self and helped me to progress on to each level and also the other ladies in my class. Everyone in my class enjoys every lesson because it is made fun! It is such an amazing feeling when you look back and see how far you've come in a year and also the strength and fitness I have gained from it! Unfortunately due to an accident at home I have not been able to attend for a few weeks, however I'm counting down the days until I'm back as my Monday nights just haven't been the same! Thanks Claire and everyone at CPF, you are a true inspiration.

Samantha Ware

I had been looking at doing pole fitness for a while and was recommended Claire's Pole Fitness, so I went for a free taster session in January and haven't looked back since. I can't believe how addicted I am to Pole. It has given me such confidence which I was lacking. Everyone is so supportive and I have made some great friends. Each week we learn something and each move that I accomplish gives me such an amazing feeling. Thank you Claire.

Sophie Chuter

Since starting Aerial Hoop with Claire’s I am so proud of how far I’ve come. My strength is better than it is has ever been, I’ve lost weight and my confidence has improved so much. I’ve met some brilliant friends through Claire’s too and everyone is supportive and encouraging. I love coming to classes every week as every week is a new challenge. I would highly recommend Claire’s to any one who wants a different, and fun way to keep fit in a social environment.

Abbie Smith

I joined CPF looking for an alternative way to keep fit instead of the usual gym slog. Not only are the classes well structured, the instructors make you feel immediately comfortable and give you continual feedback on each move. CPF has a great atmosphere which means that you have lots of fun and make great friends along the way!


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