Chair Dancing Workshops

Chair dancing is a great fun, even for those with no dance experience at all. Kealy takes her time to break routines down for everyone to understand. A lot of people dont really know what chair dancing is. Just imagine a dance routine but on and around a chair and there you have it, that is chair dancing! It is amazing the things you can learn in this class. I would highly recommend that you try it at least once!

You will learn some show stopping, professional chair dance moves and will have a full routine you can practice at home by the end of the lesson! You can  impress your friends or even your loved one with the routine! This is quite a workout as well as a class fun packed session with plenty of laughs and giggles.

It's an energetic and fun way to learn new dancing skills, a great way to learn dance moves and show off your flexibility, all from the seat of a chair! Fun for everyone, no matter your age or size.

Our next chair dance workshop dates and times:

TO BE CONFIRMED - Follow our Facebook page to find out first hand!

In Crayford Weights and Fitness main studio.

This class is open to everyone, even non CPF members. You MUST pre book and pay for this class. It is just £7 per person. You will learn a whole routine in 1 hour.

How do you pre pay?

You can email, text or find our Facebook page and I will forward over my details so you can pay via bank transfer.

What to wear:

Gymwear, bare feet and a top that will not restrict your movement.

Kealy's class videos to inspire you:

* Here is Kealy's 'Cherry Pie' routine.

* Below is a link to Kealy's Valentines showgirl themed chair routine.

* Follow this link to see Kealy's 'Girls Girls Girls' routine.

* Here is a video of one of Kealy's Chair Dancing workshops using canes in our old Greenhithe venue:

* Feather boa chair routine in Crayford.

* Kealy and her team performing at CPF's Christmas Show 2013


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